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Join us and other members as we share with and learn from each other on topics of interest!

Join your industry peers as we talk about some of the most difficult calls that we can get -- those where the caller makes violent threats towards themselves, the phone agent or another person, building, company, etc.

Ideal participants would include coaches, trainers, team managers, senior agents or site leaders.  More than one participant per member company are welcome to attend.      

The goal is for participants to walk away with shared knowledge from their peers, perhaps a new way of doing something, or at least an affirmation that what they're doing is working well.  

WHEN:    Friday, June 5
TIME:       10am-12noon
HOW:      Zoom Video Conference Meeting

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Micah Peterson
VP Product Development, ProcedureFlow

Frustrated with your knowledge base? Unsure of how to keep your knowledge base healthy and unlock the many benefits it has for agents and customers? You are not alone!  Many contact centres (dare I say) “hate” their knowledge base.

However, studies show that a healthy knowledge base can drive huge benefits for your business:

- Improve time to resolution time by 50%
- Improve FCR by 30%
- Improve time to proficiency by 70%
- Increase self-service by 50%

These numbers are hard to ignore.  Join Micah Peterson as he talks through the basics of a well-run knowledge management program using principles from the well established Knowledge Centred Services methodology.

Having a knowledge base is just the beginning, how you manage your knowledge is what will ultimately improve the customer experience!

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