Haptik has been a highly specialized partner and enabler for Executives leading the customer support strategy and execution. We bring in a new paradigm of AI augmentation to your existing human agent service through a 360 degree solution with IVA/Whisper Agents/RPA/bots which integrates with your current systems and processes.

We would be happy to share industry metrics, operational strategies and inform the leaders from our global F500 partners where we augment/deflect/support over 1 million interactions a day. We serve the global leaders in many key sectors, e.g. Telecom, BFSI, Gaming, Ecom/Retail, QSR, DTC, Hospitality.

In that regard, we are thankful for the recent USD $8 Billion+ investment our parent company received from Facebook, Silverlake and others. This will allow us the resources and means to serve Canadian contact centres better.

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