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Tech Mahindra, Moncton

2020-07-16 ~ Moncton, NB

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Tech Mahindra's Moncton team lives up to their brand’s 'RISE philosophy' and values of ’Driving Positive Change’ in the community and its people.

On Sunday June 21st, the Associates at Tech Mahindra participated in a “Fill The Trunk” Food Drive for their local food bank.  Thanks to employee donations, they were able to donate 77kg/170 lbs. of food to Food Depot Alimentaire!

It was surely an act of kindness!  Tech Mahindra hopes to continue to make a difference with their efforts in supporting their community through various initiatives.

2020-07-16 Tech Mahindra 2

Kelly Robichaud, TD Bank, Moncton

2020-07-03 TD Bank Kelly Robichaud

2020-07-03 ~ Moncton, NB

We're happy to share a great success story with you from Kelly Robichaud from the Moncton TD Contact Centre.

"When Covid-19 started, the Moncton Community Committee at TD Corporate office was discussing options on how we could get involved to help our Community.  As we went back and forth with ideas that would be easy for people to participate with limited access to go places and to give back, I was approached by our site's AVP and head of our Community Committee, to join forces with other TD sites and lead an initiative called #contribute19

"The campaign ran from May 18 – June 12, 2020.  With great interest, I welcomed the opportunity and had the pleasure to connect with the Campaign Lead based out of Ottawa.  Once he shared the details of the campaign with me, I was confident the team members at the Moncton site would come together to help this great cause. 

"The options given were simple and really allowed people who wanted to help their Community get involved and do what they could right from the comfort of their own home.

"The theme was "19" and there were three options presented.  You could help in one way, two ways or all way if you choose.

Time:  19 minutes per week to write a letter to senior citizens or frontline workers to say thank you for their hard work.  The letters would be sent and distributed as a way to offer "connection" for people while many of us may have been alone during this time. 

Food:  donate 19 items to your local food bank.

Money:  donate $19.00 or what they could afford to United Way.

"It is with so much pride that I can share we had a total of 68 participants contributing an overall of 36 letters, 342 food items and an amazing total of monetary donations - $1822.00. 

"When the campaign was announced to the Moncton site, the response was impressive from everyone.  It is during these times when our Community is in need, that we have a strong presence and lend a hand.  Thinking of the positive impact on those reading the letters or having access to food and support through United Way is truly the most rewarding part. 

"When you put yourself in the shoes of others, it is an awesome feeling to know you actually made a difference in someone's day and to your Community."

Susan McIntyre, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Canada, Saint John

2020-06-17 Susan McIntyre Wyndham

2020-06-17 ~ Saint John, NB

In her day job, Susan McIntyre is a Senior Human Resources Manager at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Canada in Saint John.

She also likes to help her community as a Director on the Board of  FACE - AS -- Family and Children Education for Anglophone South.

Says Susan, "I love it because I get to work with professionals from diverse backgrounds to steward an Agency focused on providing services to parents and children that support health, wellness and learning in the “pre-school” years.

"Our Board is recruiting!  We’re looking for professionals with a passion for service to their community, who will bring their skills to the table to guide FACE.  I encourage you to visit their webpage with more details and an application form.  You won't regret it!"

facenb-as logo

Megan Cote, TD Insurance, Saint John

2020-06-09 Megan Cote TD Insurance

2020-06-09 ~ Saint John, NB

Although having two small children and working from home has not been the easiest, my family has been more than blessed throughout this new "normal".  Both my husband and I have continued to work full time and, thankfully, we have not had to worry about any of the financial impacts that many are coping with due to Covid-19.

I am typically quite heavily involved in charity work in the office, and I was starting to miss the craziness that comes with fundraising.  While following Romero House on facebook, it amazed me that they continued to serve approximately 300 meals to individuals (including children) on a daily basis.

One weekend they posted a small grocery "wish list" and I saw this as a good opportunity to "pay it forward" and I also thought, "why not see if any of my friends or colleagues want to chip in as well?"  A short post on my personal page generated so much interest that I had collected more than $900 in 12 hours and close to $1900 in 24 hours!

We were able to purchase 800 disposable gloves, 100 disposable face masks and the remainder in groceries that would help them get through a few more days.

All of this was possible from a random group of friends and coworkers who wanted to make a difference!


If you have a story to share about how your contact centre, supporting business or any of your individual employees are helping to make the communities that we live, work and play in better, please send it along to  Photos are welcome!