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Paula Morand

Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything!

Bold courage is about shifting your perspective, discovering your possibilities, making the decision to take risks and learning to play a bigger game in life.  With insights from her international best selling book, Paula Morand shares with high energy and humour what it means to own your awesome both as an individual and as an organization.

Paula Morand is a leadership-building, revenue-boosting, strategy-expanding keynote speaker, author and visionary. This "dreaming big and being bold" leadership expert and brand strategist brings her vibrant energy, humour and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations and communities to lead change, growth and impact in a more bold fashion.  Paula’s international best-selling book,  "Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything" has just been hailed as one of the must-have books for this year in leadership, motivation and personal growth.

Dick Finnegan

How To Raise Your Team’s Employee Engagement Scores

According to Gallup, employee engagement hasn’t budged in 17 years…while we spend $1.53 billion each year to fix it. How can we flush so much money for nothing in return? Engagement surveys, exit surveys…and more engagement surveys and more exit surveys. We’ve bitten the hook that says surveys solve engagement but they don’t. They just give scores but no solutions.

This session will provide THE ANSWERS on how managers can raise their engagement survey scores. The top solution is to build trust with each member of their teams, based again on Gallup research. Dick Finnegan will explore how to do so via Stay Interviews, and also topics including how to recruit and hire pre-engaged employees, how to provide specific, one-on-one engagement solutions, how poor performance management dilutes engagement, and ways to leverage employee programs so each manager takes ownership of them.

Gair Maxwell

Reinventing the Customer X-perience:
Create and Keep a Treasure Chest of Raving Fans!

The real service mission of any business is NOT just get the customer in the door, but to make sure they come back again and again. Even a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profitability by 25-100%.  REINVENTING THE CUSTOMER X-PERIENCE helps owners, managers and troops in the trenches ‘land on the same page’ to sell bigger orders, attract new customers, and most importantly generate consistent, repeat business.

Gair Maxwell helps identify inconsistencies on what you have been promising in your marketing to what is actually delivered on the front-line. If work is theatre and every business is a stage, Gair helps you develop standing ovation strategies to create customers for life. You can expect to challenge the norms of your own industry with an explosive mix of newfound energy and creativity that translates into specific, doable action steps ready to be implemented Monday morning.

Discover how you and your team can script and perform memorable and meaningful moments of ‘magic” (even if you’re on a $10 ad budget) with REINVENTING THE CUSTOMER X-PERIENCE.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to Uber-proof your business in the Amazon world
  • Timeless principles that apply to internal and external customers
  • 3 ways to plan and purchase positive ‘Word of Mouth’

Sangeeta Bhatnagar

Katherine Thompson

Creating a Culture of Security: 
Why hackers target contact centres and what you can do

Customer Experience vs. Security – The culture clash that makes contact centres a target for skilled hackers.

The focus on speed to resolve and keeping the customer happy are being increasingly exploited by skilled hackers who know how that the clock is ticking for agents and for an industry that views time as money.   This session will talk about what you can do to prevent hacking.

Sangeeta Bhatnagar is principal at SB Global Human Capital Solutions, where she helps companies recruit, retain and develop top talent. Sangeeta is an instructor at Seneca College and chair of the Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre association. She is passionate about both the current state as well as the future state of the contact centre industry. Sangeeta is recognized nationally as an innovative and engaged voice for the issues and opportunities facing the industry and is the first in the industry to recognize front-line security training as a requirement for the future

Katherine Thompson is the Founder and Chair of the Cyber Council at the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. In that role, she leads a national team of industry advisors whose objective is to increase dialogue around the issues and opportunities facing Canadian industry and government as it pertains to cyber security. As advisors to the Canadian government, the CATA Council is currently engaged in the development of a national mandate to ensure Canadian organizations remain secure and prosperous in the global digital economy.


Donna Carson


Amy McIntosh



How is Your Social Media Customer Service Impacting Your Brand?

According to J.D. Power, 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for customer service.  And when they do, they expect a fast response. Research cited by Jay Baer tells us that 42% of consumers expect a response within 60 minutes.

Customer service has been undergoing a major evolution, with online communication moving away from the typical voice channels and with the introduction of social media…twitter, live chat, facebook, for examples.  Basically social media is changing the entire business of customer service, which in turn poses challenges and presents new opportunities for brands as it relates to customer service.  However, it’s important to remember that the core principles of great customer service still apply.

Donna will share best practice and insights on how to execute internal quality assurance programs, whether it be for voice or social media customer/agent interactions.  Insights will be shared on how to help your leadership team harness the power of your agents to deliver contextual, intelligent and resolution-oriented engagements.

Donna Carson has over 34 years of experience working, leading and influencing clients' Net Promoter (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort (CES) metrics, through creative, innovative quality assurance programs.  Donna's experience comes from 22 years with Bell Aliant, senior manager for an inbound/outbound contact center for four years; as an owner of her own contact center for five years and as a strategic leader focused in on contact centre quality assurance for the past 16 years.  Donna is passionate about awesome customer experience and supporting and edifying front line agents and just doing what is right for the greater good of all.   In March of 2017, Donna joined the Enkidu team who leverage Diversity Intelligence™ to produce metrics and actionable insights to shape healthy and productive workplaces. Unlike traditional diversity initiatives that concentrate on differences alone, Enkidu's Diversity Intelligence™ approach uses the powerful science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to build on similarities, so our clients can better leverage differences.  

Amy McIntosh has over 13 years working with Concentra Solutions and has held various leadership roles during her tenure.  For the past six years, Amy has held the position of Senior Client Services Manager for a major Canadian client.  Amy develops, leads and executes innovative quality programs that address a fast-changing environment in terms of communication channels within contact centres. Amy has been successful in building strong partnerships with the client’s internal and outsourced vendors.  Through innovative and actionable quality programs she creates common ground for meeting goals with legal adherence, product accuracy and exemplary customer service.  Amy is a recognized leader in the quality space in terms of needs analysis, creativity, financial and contractual management as well as her unrelenting ‘can do’ demeanor.  She leads with strong motivation and facilitates a team approach whether it is with her internal team or external contact centre teams.  Amy is a strategic thinker and aligns quality programs to meet and exceed her client’s business goals and requirements.

Rachel Mills

Award-Winning Strategies for Developing Customer Heroes

Medavie Blue Cross, with over 200 contact centre employees located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec, handles over 1 million interactions annually through its private line of business. Recognized for its award-winning approaches to its employee experience, training & performance support, the organization boasts a stellar leadership team and a passion for making every customer experience matter. Find out how it transformed training and performance support, improved its KPIs, and ultimately integrated its employee onboarding for seamless results.

Key Takeaways: · Transforming learning to reduce training time and improve performance support · Engaging employees to improve metrics FCR & consistency · Overcoming legacy knowledge management systems with user-friendly, integrated interfaces.

Rachel Mills is Director, Member Experience at Medavie Blue Cross. With more than fifteen years in contact centre leadership roles, she has the proven ability to build relationships and deliver excellent customer service to clients, in addition to enhancing the member experience.

Passionate about operations, and committed to providing coaching and mentoring to further engage her teams, Rachel brings a fresh perspective to employee engagement.

Rachel holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Moncton University. She also holds numerous leadership certifications from the Leadership Management International Canada Program.

Corey Poirier

Conversations with Leaders:  A Panel Discussion

During this panel session, Radio Show Host and Interviewer Corey Poirier will interview three incredible transformational leaders in their respective fields; in a late-night interview/coffee shop talk style format.  We will learn about what they did as leaders to differentiate themselves and their businesses in an atmosphere where change is critical to survive and thrive. 

Corey Poirier is an award-winning Keynote speaker (having presented to over 150,000 attendees), sought-after Leadership Expert, and host of the top-rated Conversations With PASSION Radio Show which features the likes of Chicken Soup Co-Creator Jack Canfield, Rick Hansen, Olympic Gold Medalist Silken Laumann, Turbo Jam Creator Chalene Johnson and hundreds more.

Corey is also an International Best-Selling Author who has appeared on television specials on Eastlink and Tellie TV, and been seen on CBC, CTV, and Global. He is the Founder of a Business Publication, a 9-time acclaimed 'and International best-selling' author, and the CEO of a Seminar Company and Media Company who has interviewed more than 3500 Super-Achievers. He is also a seasoned Stand-up Comedian and a Rock Recording of the Year Nominee who has surfed in Tofino, B.C. despite being unable to swim and skydived in New Brunswick despite a fear of heights.

The Timeless Secrets and Traits of Influencial Leaders

In Corey's second session with us on Thursday, November 9th, based on his 4000+ personal interviews with the world's top leaders in each of their respective industries, Corey Poirier will reveal the top 5 Timeless Secrets that all top leaders (personally and/or professionally) share regardless of their title, and position, in the company they work for. This is revealed in such a way that attendees will know how to incorporate these secrets into their personal and professional life the very next day; for improved personal and professional success (inside and outside the contact centre).

Some of the leaders who were interviewed in learning these Timeless Secrets include:  Rick Hansen, Dragon's Den's Arlene Dickinson, Chicken Soup Co-Creator Jack Canfield, Hall of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts, Olympian Silken Laumann, NHL Pro Rob Brown, Turbo Jam Creator Chalene Johnson, P90x Creator Tony Horton, former World champion Trish Stratus, popstar Keshia Chante, Actor Kevin Sorbo, LA Ink stars Khoi and Dan Smith, etc. 

Silvia Lulka

Jessica Gallant

Measurable Outcomes of Creating a Coaching Culture ...
One Conversation at a Time!

It’s not often that a Canadian organization wins the International Coach Federations’ Global Prism Award, and in 2015 Rogers Communications was the only recipient of the award.  The award is the gold standard of professional executive coaching and recognizes excellence in organizations who use coaching to drive their business.  Rogers coaching story has been told in conferences around the world including Harvard’s Institute of Coaching, Columbia University’s International Coaching Conference, Queen’s School of Industrial Relations and the Conference Board of Canada.  

Join Jessica Gallant and Silvia Lulka to learn how Rogers integrated coaching into their strategy and day to day operations, built consistent and sustainable coaching capability across the country, and how they can measure and attribute business results directly to coaching. 

Silvia Lulka is currently the Director, Coaching at Rogers Communications. She has built and implemented an international award winning strategy that enabled a coaching culture with sustainable results. Silvia takes an integrative approach to her work and describes her role as being a coach to the organization as a whole. Previously, Silvia held senior Human Resources leadership roles, in generalist and talent acquisition functions across different industries in the US and Canada.

A catalyst for personal and organizational transformation, she is consistently recognized for her collaborative approach to enable others’ success and ability to build long-lasting high-trust relationships. As a coach, she creates a safe space for her clients to explore and develop in a way that taps into their strengths and expands their potential beyond what they thought possible. Silvia has spoken at various conferences including Harvard’s Institute of Coaching, Columbia University’s International Coaching Conference, Strategic Capability Network and the Conference Board of Canada.

Silvia has a Master of Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology, both from Queen’s University. A life-long learner, she credits her Montessori roots for her curiosity and ongoing pursuit of knowledge. She is a Business Coaching Advantage Certified Coach and has been granted the designation of Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Outside of work, Silvia serves on the Board of Directors at Beth David Synagogue and volunteers with Up with Women, a charity that provides coaching support for women emerging from homelessness. Most importantly, she loves to re-discover the world through the eyes of her eleven-year-old son and nine-year-old boy-girl twins.

Jessica Gallant is the Site Director for Rogers Communications Canada Inc in Moncton, NB. Jessica has been with the Rogers family for 22 years and has a way of leading, engaging, collaborating and driving performance that makes you want to be part of that passion she shows in all her undertakings. 

As a leader, Jess brings high energy and a sense of possibility to her teams.  She is “gently relentless” and fosters a sense of accountability at every level.  She knows that investing in people will in turn drive world-class customer experience.  Jessica loves to connect with customers and her frontline teams, and is often seen on the call floor taking calls and chats, demonstrating the culture and empowerment that’s expected at Rogers.

Jessica cherishes her family above all else and in her spare time enjoys travelling Atlantic Canada in an RV along with her husband, two kids and dog.

Susan Carrier

Omnichannel Deployment Centered on Customer Experience (CX)

In the current contact centre market, the transition from "Multi-channel" to "Omnichannel" mode leads organizations to want to better understand their clients’ current behaviour and their preferences, as well as to design an optimal customer journey according to their expectations.  This presentation will focus on the benefits of Omnichannel Deployment, the challenges and their solutions.

Susan Carrier has worked with contact centre technology for nearly 30 years. She was involved in more "hands-on" functions for about 12 years to eventually focus more specifically on the role of technical resources management for nearly 10 years. This knowledge was a springboard to become a business consultant since 2009. Indeed, her career has allowed her to develop the knowledge of banking and insurance lines of business as well as contact centre infrastructure and voice applications deployment. Her greatest strengths are definitely the mobilization of resources, translating technology solutions in laymen’s terms for clients, analyzing business needs, application’s architecture and team management.


Dale Smith

The Human Element - Turning Brand Words into Living Actions

This interactive session will have delegates working together to explore the true meaning of company values, and how these can be used to support and inspire their people. A common sense of purpose and a shared value system is the foundation of all communities and cultures. Companies behave like humans because they are driven by humans: from storytelling to core behaviours, these words should form the basis of employee engagement and the delivery of a branded customer experience. This fun and practical session is one not to miss.

Canadian born and educated, Dale Smith is the founder and Director of Creation at Bridge Training & Events and has worked extensively with clients in both the UK and abroad. Dale began his business learning with event companies such as IIR, Marketing Week/Centaur Publishing and was Director of Seminars for Euromoney Publishing. However, he also attributes his success to practical life skills and experiences gained across many interesting jobs in his teens as well as extensive backpacking around the world following University. Embracing these experiences, he later turned his interest to behavioral sciences, Employee Engagement, Training and building organizational cultures that best reflects the brand promise.

Gary Brandt

Thomas Howe

A Modern Call Model for a SmartPhone Nation
and its Impact on Customer Care Centres

We are a smartphone nation with over 90% of North Americans relying on smartphones with texting to communicate.  But businesses and contact centres have not caught up.  They continue to rely on wire lines with limited functionality, offshore agents and IVRs; making it difficult for them to provide the fast, friendly resolutions that customers seek.

Technological innovation and the rise of sophisticated automation will drive significant changes in customer contact centres. It’s time for a Modern Call Model to meet customers where they are.  Learn how simple bridging software enables wire business lines to work like smartphones. Contact centre agents can alternate between two-way texting, voice, link and data sharing to make calls friendly, comfortable, convenient and easy.   

Allowing agents to move between texting and voice calls, as needed, increases productivity, customer satisfaction, and positive outcomes, while cutting costs, stress, and friction.

Learn how with the Modern Call Model,  telephony infrastructure—land lines—the life blood of Contact Centres are able to meet the world of texting, automation and artificial intelligence, internet messaging, apps, web browsing, and media sharing to improve customer experience and keep brand performance strong.

Gary Brandt, CEO and Founder of TEN DIGIT Communication, is a proven C-level executive, entrepreneur and mentor with thirty years of leadership experience in clean technologies/renewable energy and telecommunications with extensive corporate experience in strategy, operations, corporate finance & development, raising capital, M&A, negotiations and entrepreneur. From Canada, Brandt earned his BCom. Honors degree from Queen’s University and MBA from York University.

Thomas Howe, TEN DIGIT's CTO and Founder, is an expert in the design of innovative new communications services and equipment, particularly in the application of modern Web technologies to extend traditional telecom infrastructures. In his twenty-seven-year telecom career, his teams designed first-ever products in DSL, VoIP, Internet communications and messaging automation. Howe won the 2015 TADHack Global competition, the O’Reilly Mashup Competition and the VON Innovator’s Award. Thomas was awarded his BSEE from the University of Massachusetts, and attended Northeastern University where he studied Communications, Digital Signal Processing and Abstract Mathematics.




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